Skin Transformation

At OMG OC Aesthetics, we know the importance of good skin and how it relates to your physical and emotional well being.

Your skin is the largest and one of the most important organs in your body. It regulates your body temperature, responds to pain and signals the body of potential danger, prevents harmful substances from entering, and provides a shield to protect against the environment.

And remember that every square inch of your skin contains:

• 15 feet of blood vessels
• 4 yards of nerves
• 650 sweat glands
• 100 oil glands
• 1500 sensory receptors
• 3 million cells which are replaced every 28-45 days

If you’re an active person, chances are you spend more than your fair share of time in the sun. If you’re in the sun, you are more than likely to show signs of premature aging due to sun damage. With our noninvasive skin treatments, we can now reverse the aging process and correct sun damaged skin, sun spots, pigmented lesions, acne and overall skin texture-giving you a more youthful and revitalized appearance than you’ve had in years.

If you need more, cosmetic lasers are proven to effectively treat wrinkles, photo aging and skin discolorations caused by sun exposure and time. In addition to minimizing these imperfections, laser skin treatment also stimulates collagen production, making skin appear more youthful. So even if the years have taken their toll, you can now easily turn back the clock. These non-ablative treatments have minimal to no down time. Clients may return to normal activities after treatment.