Our Difference



Concierge Style Practice — OMG Individually crafts a tailored transformation plan for each client, through offering the safest and most effective, non-invasive procedures and technologies.

Trained and Motivated Staff — Our custom-designed programs are supported by our friendly, fun, and caring staff. They are devoted to ensuring you meet your goals while gaining the tools and and knowledge to keep you at your healthiest and happiest.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy — It is a scientific fact that as we age, certain hormonal changes affect our metabolism and ability to lose body fat. We offer the opportunity of including Bio-identical Hormone Therapy for those wishing to take their weight loss to the next level, or to simply restore more youth and vigor to their lives. For more information on Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy at OMG OC Aesthetics.

Being Transformed has a snowball effect — The more you do to reach your goals the better you feel. The better you feel, the better you look. It’s not surprising that many of our clients want to start doing even more good things for their bodies. Our medical spa setting makes it convenient to learn about good skin care, as well as modern treatments to eliminate wrinkles and sagging skin.