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Dr. Anil K. GandhiAfter arriving in the United States in 1971, Dr. Anil K. Gandhi, underwent his residency in general surgery at Hollywood’s prestigious Queen of Angels Hospital. He is not Board Certified.

In 2004 he made the transition from general to cosmetic surgery; over his years of working with the whole human body, Dr. Gandhi mastered surgical techniques with local tumescent anesthesia. Techniques that allow him to restore and rejuvenate your body with less pain, less risk and a faster recovery.

A scientist and researcher in his own right, he has even built upon these advanced surgical practices to develop his own proprietary surgical methods, including a unique form of breast augmentation, “Awake Breast Augmentation™”. Dr. Gandhi’s technique of measurement assures patient an appropriate size for their body type; giving satisfaction to thousands of patients.

Dr. Gandhi mastered the surgical technique with local tumescent anesthesia, which helps reduce pain and has minimal to no bleeding. After performing more than 3000 liposuction cases. Dr. Gandhi has also mastered the technique of tumescent anesthesia with liposuction, fat transfer, tummy tuck, and Avelar technique. For the past 5 years he has done hundreds of cases.

Annette Richardson, Managing DirectorAfter 17 years of experience in the beauty and spa industries, Annette Richardson decided to use her entrepreneurial skills and passion for non-invasive, anti-aging skin therapies to open the Medical Spa practice of her dreams. The inspiration for OMG OC Aesthetics came from her business development consulting business. Throughout her career, she came across sign after sign to open this facility. As she began to plan and create the Medical Spa with a “one of a kind, concierge type experience”. After much thought, her brand, concept and mission statement fell into place. The spa would not only provide excellent and effective eye, skin, body and life transformation services, yet maintain a relaxing spa type atmosphere for clients and staff. She focused on remaining different from the typical medical spa environment where the same old basic facial and esthetic procedures are performed. With passion and creativity, OMG OC Aesthetics has set itself above the rest where every patient is treated like their only patient. She has created an atmosphere where positive transformation and amazing results are achieved everyday.
Doris Cuevas, RNDoris has joined OMG with a combined Nursing experience of 32 years. She has worked with Medical Esthetics for 7 years, specializing in Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Skin Rejuvenation, Fillers, Botox and Medical Weight Management. Most of her Nursing career was spent at Hoag Hospital Maternal-Child and Women’s Health Services. She is passionate about her nursing profession and creates a special bond with all of her patients. Her vision is to help patients achieve their transformation goals the most natural and comfortable way possible.
Mancy, RN
Mancy Madadi, RNMancy has over twenty years of experience as a nurse. After graduating with Honors from nursing school, she continued her studies in a cancer research institute in Canada. Mancy is very passionate about beauty and anti aging medical treatments, she enjoys helping people look refreshed and feel good about their skin and body.
Denise, BSN, RN

Denise, BSN, RN

Denise is a board certified Master’s prepared Nurse Practitioner. She completed her graduate studies at the California State University of California in Long Beach specializing in the field of Women’s Health with a 4.0 GPA. Her educational background also includes a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Hawaii where she was born and raised. She has 8 years of nursing experience at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach in the area of Maternal-Child Health. She has previous experience at a cosmetic laser center. Denise enjoys compassionately working with her patients. She also lives by the philosophy that “looking good is feeling good.” She provides cosmetic injections, Laser Hair Removal, IPL Photofacials, Skin Tightening procedures, and assists with the OMG medical weight loss program.

Though still a far cry from true equality, Ancient Egypt afforded women a surprisingly modern status. Compared with their counterparts in Ancient Greece, where women were considered eternal legal minors, ancient Egyptian women had a greater range of personal choices and opportunities for achievement. Although men and women had traditionally distinct powers in society, there were no insurmountable barriers for pioneers who wished to deviate from the established path.

One such pioneer was Peseshet. Peseshet practiced at the time of the building of the great pyramids in Egypt, about 2500 BC, and is often credited with being the earliest known female physician in ancient Egypt. However, such a claim is inaccurate – that title in fact belongs to the female physician Merit-Ptah, a woman who practiced medicine almost 100 years earlier.

Peseshet is the first recorded female physician with a directorial position. Excavation of the tomb of her son and high dignitary of Ancient Egypt, Akhet-Hetep, revealed a monument dedicated to his mother Pesehet, who is identified by many important titles including “Lady Overseer of Female Physicians.” Peseshet directed over 100 qualified female physicians in Ancient Egypt, as well as training midwives at the peri-ankh (medical school) of Sais

Melanie Joseph, RN Melanie brings 22 years of nursing expertise in the field of Women’s and Children’s’ Health to OMG OC Aesthetics. Melanie graduated Cum Laude from Vanguard University Costa Mesa, California where she attained her Bachelors degree in Nursing and currently practices at Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospital Newport Beach where she has served as Quality Improvement Board Representative for the past ten years facilitating high quality care and renown service. In addition, she has been practicing in the field of aesthetics for the past three years with vast knowledge and expertise in the skill of performing Laser Hair Removal, Skin tightening, Botox and Juviderm.

Shelly Shook, CEShelly is a licensed Clinical Esthetician. Shelly developed an awareness of the extreme importance of skin treatment at a young age. Within the past decade, she began to educate herself about the proper ways to take care of skin by researching treatments, reading skin care books, and experimenting with various products and companies. Shelly decided to turn her passion into a career where she has the ability and pleasure to provide people with beautiful and glowing skin.

Shelly took in depth courses focusing on a variety of important topics such as acne, maturing skin, sun damaged skin, hormonal skin issues, and Rosacea. By providing compounded chemical peels, microdermabrasion, custom facials, lymphatic drainage and eye transformation treatments she can determine which treatment is best for your skin.

Shelly is certified in a variety of skin care lines and medical grade peels. She has the ability to treat and distinguish a variety of skin issues.

Shelly currently takes classes at the Dermal Institute where she gains beneficial knowledge contributing to her career. She strives to make sure each client walks away feeling renewed, healthy, and happy from the inside out.